Ep. 14 | Web and Email Copy That Stands Out With Erika Holmes

Feb 18, 2020 | 0 comments

Web and email copy that stands out? Why is that important to consider when you’re a podcast guest? Well, as of January 2020, Apple estimates that there are over 550,000 podcasts in existence. You can imagine, then, that there will be a lot of folks in the same niche as you, appearing as guest experts on those shows. So how do you stand out once people discover you on someone else’s podcast? By standing out and showing YOUR personality in your web and email copy. 

In this conversation with my friend and founding member of the Go Pitch Yourself program Erika Holmes, we talk about how the language you use, both in your pitch and on your online platforms, can bring your personality to the forefront, make you stand out and help you land your dream clients.

Erika helps entrepreneurs and personal brands inject heart and humor into their brand messaging, web and email copy. Her specialty is writing clear, personality-filled, human-to-human words that inspire the right people to know, love and trust you to the moon and back.

Web and Email Copy That Stands Out With Erika Holmes

Topics covered include:

  • Why, after years of being a catch-all writer-for-hire, Erika focused on what she loves – writing web and email copy
  • How she was able to identify her ideal clients and attract them by reconfiguring the language she used
  • What is the right amount of personality to share on your online platforms?
  • The similarities (and differences) between website and pitch copy
  • The importance of an “About Me” page on your website
  • What a “Welcome sequence” is and why it is of critical importance to nurturing potential clients
  • Why Erika joined the Go Pitch Yourself program
  • To GIF or not to GIF! 
  • Take Erika’s “It Factor” quiz

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Can’t wait to connect again!

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