Ep. 42 | The Value (and Impact) of B+ Work

Mar 16, 2021 | 0 comments

Is your quest for flawless perfection stopping you from snagging opportunities that will increase your visibility? Are you happy with your B+ work? Lately, I’ve been thinking that even though we naturally want to put our best work out into the world at all times; sometimes, it’s more important for us to just get something out there.

I’ve been talking to members of the Go Pitch Yourself program about the value of B+ work. Even in my own work, I can find it hard to realize that good enough can be enough.

I don’t recommend you stop aiming for excellence. But when it stops you from taking the next step and moving forward, it might be more important to just let it go. 

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The Value (and Impact) of B+ Work

Topics covered include:

  • Register for Angie’s FREE live pitching masterclass, Pitch Yourself Like a Pro (March 16th & 17th, 2021)
  • Feedback which came from the previous Go Pitch Yourself episode, Guest Expert Opportunities: What They Are and How to Land Them
  • What the “real world” meaning of B+ work is, going back to my previous life as a High School Biology teacher
  • If you’re hiding in the shadows of perfectionism, it can keep you from the revenue-generating aspects of your business
  • Real-life examples of where a focus on pro-level work can hold us back – from Go Pitch Yourself program students and my own work!
  • Always err on the side of action. Get comfortable with B+ work, go with your gut, send the pitch, and see what happens
  • How this thinking is bringing value to the development of Go Pitch Yourself v2.0
  • Get in touch with your feedback – what are you focusing on too much? Where can you find the most value? After listening to this episode, what are you going to change in order to take action?

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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