Ep. 55 | Announcing: the podwize Co-Op

Sep 14, 2021 | 0 comments

I always love sharing solo episodes with you all, but this one is more special than usual. For years, I have noticed an unfilled need for those of us who use podcasting as an extension of our business, whether that’s through guesting, hosting, or both. There have been times that I’ve actually craved a space and relevant resources for business owners who were using podcasts as their primary visibility and/or content marketing medium. And, as the result of a recent survey of the GPY audience, I know that many of you agree!

So, I’ve created that space! I’m pumped to announce that the podwize co-op will be launching in October 2021. As I share in this episode, the co-op has come to fruition very organically over the last few months after paying attention to Go Pitch Yourself students and how they are using our coaching time. Funny enough, our regular Q&As have evolved into more of a come-as-you-are mastermind format, where attendees support one another by sharing their experiences and expertise, rather than attendees asking a specific question and having me answer it. And, I’ve been getting more frequent inquiries from folks who want to connect about starting and growing their own show (remember… podcast guesting is a gateway drug!)

So, I have created a space for small business owners who are leveraging the power of podcasts to grow their brand that offers ‘choose-your-adventure’ access to training, community, accountability, and coaching.

Visit angietrueblood.training/coop for more details. The co-op will go live on October 1st and the founding members’ enrollment closes on September 30th. If you are committed to using podcasts as the primary visibility or content medium for your business, this just may be the perfect space for you!

Announcing: the podwize Co-Op

Topics covered include:

  • Listener question: what to do when the podcast interview you recorded gets pushed back… and back… and back
  • Why I’ve always felt that there was a community-shaped gap within the podcasting space that was waiting to be filled
  • Findings from my recent survey of Go Pitch Yourself listeners and students and the ways I’ve noticed the podcasting space evolving
  • What the podwize co-op is, who it’s for, what will be included in the first month, and why it’s a co-op, rather than a membership, guild or group
  • Enrollment details and where to sign up
  • If you have a burning question about pitching or the podwize co-op, leave a message for me at speakpipe.com/GPY and I could be featuring YOU on a future episode!

I hope you’re as excited as I am about the launch of the podwize co-op. Let me know if you have any questions on IG @angie_trueblood or visit angietrueblood.training/coop.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Now it’s time for you to get out there and Go Pitch Yourself! Be sure to screenshot this episode and tag me on Instagram @angie_trueblood and let me know that you are ready to #gopitchyourself! I’ll add your post to my story and help you spread the word!

Can’t wait to connect again!

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