Ep. 25 | How She Did THAT: Guesting on Online Marketing Made Easy with Tasha Booth

Jul 21, 2020 | 0 comments

When Tasha Booth hired my team and I to pitch her for podcast guesting opportunities, she had one dream above all others: to get onto Amy Porterfield’s top-ranked Online Marketing Made Easy podcast.

Well, in July 2020, she did it!

Tasha Booth went from being (in her own words) an overworked Virtual Assistant to the Founder and CEO of The Launch Guild, an Online Business Management & Digital Marketing Implementation Agency. She also hosts her own podcast, How She Did That, and coaches other virtual assistants to grow their own thriving businesses. So, yeah…girl has DONE the work.

Listen in to find out how, with the perfect combination of timing and talent, Tasha achieved her goal. 

How She Did THAT: Guesting on Online Marketing Made Easy with Tasha Booth

Topics covered include:

  • The inspiring story of the rapid success Tasha has experienced since forming The Launch Guild
  • How Tasha was able to use live events for networking and to build her authority,  including meeting Amy Porterfield
  • How being her true and honest self led Tasha to offer support to Amy and further develop their business relationship
  • The recording process for Amy’s podcast and the offers Tasha was able to put in place for her appearance 
  • The impact that podcast guesting has had on Tasha’s business
  • Tasha’s 15 minute training 5 Steps to Eliminating Team Overwhelm as an Agency Owner

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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