Ep. 26 | How Visibility Fits into Your Marketing Plans with Racheal Cook

Aug 4, 2020 | 0 comments

Racheal Cook, an award-winning business strategist joins us this week to chat about visibility, including podcast guesting, and how it can often seem like the sexiest part of business. But it’s definitely not the only part and treating it as such can have a significant impact on the long-term sustainability of your business. 

Truth is, most female entrepreneurs start their business to achieve financial and lifestyle freedom. But, what happens when that business starts to feel more like a job that offers you nothing in the way of freedom? If you’re a solopreneur, that risk increases as you are initially the one responsible for #allthethings. 

If you want to fit visibility into your business in a way that supports its sustainability, this chat with award-winning business strategist Racheal Cook is for you.

Over the last 10 years, Racheal has helped thousands of female entrepreneurs design predictably profitable businesses without the hustle and burnout that doing #allthethings inevitably accomplish.

How Visibility Fits into Your Marketing Plans with Racheal Cook

Topics covered include:

  • The difference between creating a job and a business, and how Racheal works with entrepreneurs to ensure that the foundational pieces of their business are in place
  • How Racheal Cook defines “Entrepreneurial Poverty” – and why it is so prevalent in women-owned businesses
  • What Racheal sees as the 5 pieces of any effective marketing system: ATTRACT, ENGAGE, NURTURE, INVITE, DELIGHT
  • The value of batching and using sprints when pitching for visibility opportunities (also, listen to Go Pitch Yourself Episode 11 Podcast Pitching Sprints | Q+A)
  • How podcast guesting has impacted on Racheal’s business
  • The importance of networks, connections and recommendations, alongside the well-crafted podcast pitches
  • Racheal’s FREE 12 Month Profit Plan

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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