Ep. 7 | How to Productively Pitch Yourself with Amber De La Garza

Nov 19, 2019 | 0 comments

Do you want to productively pitch yourself so you can add this effective strategy to your already full plate? In previous episodes of Go Pitch Yourself, Angie’s mentioned the importance of making every podcast pitch unique to the person you’re trying to connect with. Now, this might lead you to think that you should be starting every pitch with a blank screen and crafting every email from scratch.

Nope…not if you want to pitch productively, that is!

Angie’s guest today is Amber De La Garza, The Productivity Specialist and host of the Productivity Straight Talk podcast.

Amber is a sought-after coach, trainer, and speaker, and in this episode, you’ll learn how, with a little bit of planning, templates can make your pitching process more efficient – without sounding like a robot. And, we end up deep-diving into a few other key areas of productivity as they relate to podcast pitching.

How to Productively Pitch Yourself

Topics covered include:

  • How pitching herself for podcast appearances was the best business decision Amber ever made
  • How using templates can make your pitches more effective by allowing you time to connect on a personal level and build relationships with podcast hosts
  • How Amber blocks out periods of time for planning, pitching, and follow-up
  • The way that Amber tracks the success of her pitches 
  • Download 10 Ways You’re Screwing Your Productivity, Amber’s free tool to audit your workflow

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Now it’s time for you to get out there and Go Pitch Yourself! Be sure to screenshot this episode and tag me on Instagram @angie_trueblood and tell me what you are MOST looking forward to with the podcast.

Can’t wait to connect again! 

Feel like you need a little support in getting started pitching yourself?

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