Ep. 77 | Podcasts as a Business Development Tool

Jul 19, 2022 | 0 comments

Podcasts as a Business Development Tool

Why aren’t more business owners using podcasts as a business development tool? We often talk about the benefits podcasts bring as content marketing, visibility, and SEO tools. But, at the heart of it and when used effectively, podcasts are an extremely effective and efficient business development tool. 

Recently, I recognized that the way we approach podcast guesting and hosting within the Podwize Group,  researching strategic partners, reaching out to those potential partners, generating business leads, and getting in front of new audiences: that IS business development. 

So in this episode, I dig into four ways we can use podcasts as the business development tool that they really are so you don’t miss out on the incredible opportunities they hold.

Podcasts as a Business Development Tool

Topics covered include:

  • My definition of Business Development, and why the way The Podwize Group thinks about podcasts fits into this perfectly!
  • How the different parts of business development relates to both podcast guesting and hosting
  • The four ways that you can use podcasts as a business development tool
  • The additional benefits that have come into my business through podcasts

So how are you strategically using podcasts as a growth tool in your business? If you’re not using podcasts in particular, what tools are you using? Let me know by getting in touch on LinkedIn or IG @thepodwizegroup.

But if the idea of using podcasts to develop your business is completely new to you, visit the Podwize Group website, scroll to the bottom of the services page and schedule a no-obligation call with me.

The Podwize Group’s resources mentioned in this episode:

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Now it’s time for you to get out there and Go Pitch Yourself! Can’t wait to connect again!


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