Podcast Visibility Services

The Podwize Group supports small business owners in a number of ways, ranging from done-with-you team consulting packages to a monthly choose-your-adventure program that offers training, coaching, accountability, and networking.

Whether you are looking to increase your visibility through podcast guesting or by upleveing your own podcast, we’re here to find a solution that meets your needs.

Jumpstart Consulting Package

Jumpstart Consulting Package

This package is for the business owner who intends to keep their podcast guesting and/or management in-house.

The Podwize Group works internally with you and/or your team to develop the assets and processes needed to meet your long-term business goals as they relate to podcasting, whether that is strictly as a guest or if that also includes hosting your own show.

Although the package will be customized to meet your specific needs, typically deliverables include a podcast guesting strategy, customized pitch list of 20+ relevant shows, a pitch template with 3-5 fully fleshed out topics, and guidance or creation of assets to include with pitches including a one-sheet and audio snippet. Ongoing support during the implementation of the plan is also included so that you can troubleshoot and adjust along the way.

Investment: Starts at $3,497

Concierge Pitching Package

This package is for the business owner who is ready to outsource their visibility to an experienced, proven team.

During our time together, The Podwize Group develops a detailed pitching and guesting strategy that aligns with your business goals, creates all relevant pitching materials (pitch topics, one-sheet, audio clip, etc), pitches and follows up with hosts of well-aligned shows, and coordinates all interview logistics.

Investment: $1,797/month

Concierge Pitching Package

The Podwize Co-Op

A choose-your-own-adventure offering for innovative entrepreneurs who are using podcasts to grow their business.

The perfect home base for business owners who are using podcasts as an extension of their business (pitching & hosting!). This flexible, monthly membership is complete with education, coaching, accountability, and networking because doing it yourself doesn’t mean doing it alone.

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