The Podwize Group supports business owners in leveraging podcast interviews as their primary strategy for business development.

If you are moving out of the referral-only growth stage, we’d love to help you use podcast interviews as a strategy to grow your authority, expand your referral network, and generate new leads.

Podcast pitching + guesting audit

There are many moving parts to an effective podcast pitching and guesting strategy. Let us find the holes in yours. 

Each audit is a comprehensive analysis of your current pitching and guesting strategy.

During our time together, The Podwize Group will give you actionable insights and guidance to optimize your pitching and guesting strategy. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of your current strategy’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as tailored recommendations to unlock your full guesting potential. 

We’ll evaluate the five key areas of any successful podcast pitching and guesting strategy:


  • Pitch Strategy
  • Pitch Topics + Structure
  • Pitch List
  • Project Management
  • Interview Impact
Concierge Pitching Package
Jumpstart Consulting Package

Jumpstart Consulting Package

This package is for the business owner who intends to keep their podcast guesting and/or management in-house.

The Podwize Group works internally with you and/or your team to develop the assets and processes needed to meet your long-term business goals as they relate to podcasting, whether that is strictly as a guest or if that also includes hosting your own show.

Although the package will be customized to meet your specific needs, typically deliverables include a podcast guesting strategy, customized pitch list of 20+ relevant shows, a pitch template with 3-5 fully fleshed-out topics, and guidance or creation of assets to include with pitches including a one-sheet and audio snippet. Ongoing support during the implementation of the plan is also included so that you can troubleshoot and adjust along the way.

Optional add-ons:

  • Team training, system implementation, and consulting
  • Quarterly strategy sessions + pitch list updates

Investment: Starts at $4000

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*While we don’t list it as one of our primary services, we do directly pitch and support a limited number of clients in a done-for-you concierge capacity. Ideal clients for this service are consultants, service providers, and agency/firm owners.