Ep. 15 | Real Talk with Podcast Producer Lauren Wrighton

Mar 3, 2020 | 0 comments

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When you’re pitching yourself for podcast appearances, you might wonder just what the Podcast Producer is looking for. Well, if that’s you, listen up!

In this conversation with podcast strategist and producer Lauren Wrighton we show you the flip-side of the podcast pitching process and her inside perspective to help make your pitches more impactful.

Lauren helps business coaches launch and grow podcasts that make an impact on their audience and their business. She also uses her expertise in podcast production to teach freelancers how to become podcast managers and develop their own clientele.

Real Talk with Podcast Producer Lauren Wrighton

Topics covered include:

  • The types of podcast hosts that Lauren works with
  • Why, after co-hosting a podcast, Lauren felt that her talents were behind the scenes, rather than behind the microphone
  • The need for pitches to be focused on what the audience will gain from a guest appearance
  • Why hosts can and should use their discretion in a podcast interview to focus on what their audience is interested in and how pitching well can help guests prepare for this
  • Lauren’s tips for showing up as a great guest

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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