Ep. 95 | Podcast Laws: Are there any? with Gordon Firemark

Mar 28, 2023 | 0 comments

Are there podcast laws? If so, who writes them? And what do they regulate? In this episode, I chat with my special guest about what podcast laws exist, which ones don’t, and how to navigate the legal implications of podcast guesting and hosting.

Why now? Well, on the previous episode of Go Pitch Yourself, I talked about the pay-to-play phenomenon where podcast hosts are charging their guests. Are there laws governing this type of relationship?  And are hosts required to disclose that relationship?

Not to fear, Gordon Firemark is here to answer all of these questions about podcast laws, and more.

Gordon has practiced media, entertainment, and business law since 1992 and is often referred to as The Podcast Lawyer™. He helps creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, and others achieve the dream of getting their messages out and making a meaningful impact with their craft.

A podcaster himself, he’s been producing and hosting the Entertainment Law Update podcast since 2009 and recently launched the Fuzzy Lawgic podcast with Elsie Escobar, where they navigate the legal, social, and ethical questions facing creators today.

Together we talk about disclosure guidelines, contracts to have in place when podcasting, and other legal considerations for hosts and guests.

Podcast Laws: Are there any?

Topics covered include:

  • Gordon’s background in entertainment law and why he saw that the rules were different when podcasts started to emerge
  • What Gordon has seen and is seeing with regard to podcast guests having to ‘pay to play’
  • The audience’s need for transparency when podcast guesting slides into paid advertising
  • Things that hosts should bear in mind when beginning a podcast, and how these can help you to avoid ‘podfade’
  • Do hosts and guests need a podcast prenup when arranging guest appearances?

I’m sure that you’ll find Gordon’s insight into podcast laws valuable. Don’t forget to head to his website to check out the resources that are there to help you navigate these tricky legal waters.

Don’t forget to listen to the next episode, when I’ll be talking to someone who has paid thousands of dollars to guest on podcasts. If you have a question for them, head on over to LinkedIn @angietrueblood. Or record your question as a voice note at speakpipe.com/gpy


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Now it’s time for you to get out there and Go Pitch Yourself! Be well and be visible, my friend!

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