Ep. 58 | Do This, Not That for Podcast Hosts

Oct 26, 2021 | 0 comments

It’s no secret that guesting on podcasts is a great way to get in front of audiences. After all, pitching for these opportunities is pretty much what we’re all about here! But all too often we’re seeing that some podcast hosts seem to be viewing the pitching process as a way to weed out less than ideal guests, rather than make it an easy process for perfectly matched guests.

With that in mind, my Executive Assistant Courtney Hampton and I put together what we’re calling a “do this, not that” love letter to podcast hosts. We organized our thoughts around three areas – the pitching stage, the period where you’ve landed the opportunity, and the post-interview stage. I talk about our frustrations around pitching, and things that podcast hosts should be doing in order to create a great experience and build a solid relationship with their guests.

Obviously, this isn’t all on the hosts. Podcast pitching is a two-way process. Yes, you have something to gain by appearing on someone else’s podcast. But if you’ve pitched yourself correctly, with a topic that is perfect for the host’s show, their audience will get a lot of value from your interview. And because of that, it’s in the host’s best interest to allow you to show up in the best way possible.

Let’s work together, people!

Do This, Not That for Podcast Hosts

Topics covered include:

  • My experience with Facebook’s new Podcast RSS feed integration (Note: at the time of recording, podcasts are only available to US listeners on mobile)
  • Good and bad examples of how podcast hosts handle the pitching process
  • What hosts can do to nurture the relationship with their guests once their pitch has been accepted
  • How I gather information and help guests to prepare for their appearance on Go Pitch Yourself
  • Ways that hosts and guests can cross-promote once the episode goes live – and things to have in place once the moment arrives!

So what did we miss? If you’ve got your own suggestion I would LOVE to hear it. Record a message at speakpipe.com/GPY so we can offer an updated version of this episode soon. Or let me know on IG @angie_trueblood.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Can’t wait to connect again!

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