Ep. 24 | Podcast Interviews as a Part of Content Strategy with Abby Herman

Jul 7, 2020 | 0 comments

Since a solid content strategy encompasses all the types of content you create, I thought it would make to chat about how to efficiently and strategically create content that will draw your ideal clients to you.

As a listener of the Go Pitch Yourself podcast, I know you’re looking to increase your visibility and share your passion and expertise with others. But, if you create the content to support those outreach efforts without a solid strategy in place, you’ll likely spend a ton of time and energy to get less than stellar results. 

Abby Herman is a content strategist, business consultant and podcaster. She helps business owners increase their visibility through personalized content strategies and implementation.

As she says, “Marketing in your business is something that will generate revenue but it’s not as tangible as making a sale. So I think a lot of people put it off”.

SPOILER ALERT: if you have begun pitching for and appearing on podcasts, you already have some marketing content. You just need to know how, where and when to use it. Find out in this episode, which is packed with great takeaways that will help you to get on top of your marketing.

Podcast Interviews as a Part of Content Strategy with Abby Herman

Topics covered include:

  • Abby’s definition of what makes a content strategy and the difference between Content and Copy
  • The importance of creating content that is specifically developed for particular platforms, including how to make the best use of your own podcast appearances
  • How to find out which aspects of your “Zone of Genius” your audience is interested in
  • Why Abby chose podcast guesting as a visibility strategy and the positive impacts it has had on her business
  • Even though she doesn’t accept podcast pitches, Abby still sees value in them. Find out what she wants to see (or doesn’t).

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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