Ep. 60 | Podcast Audio Made Simple with Steve Woodward

Nov 23, 2021 | 0 comments

The whole purpose of the work we do here on the podcast and in the podwize co-op is to draw back the curtain on the podcasting space and demystify the processes, both for hosts and guests. But even then, there are some elements that can seem off-putting, particularly if you’re just beginning to explore using podcasts to increase your visibility.

Podcast audio and microphones can feel like a roadblock when you’re just starting out. It can seem so confusing that it might even put you off getting your voice out there at all.

My guest today is self-confessed audio geek Steve Woodward. Steve has been involved with home and studio recording projects since he was at school. Alongside this, he worked in arts marketing for over 20 years, specializing in creating and editing clear and persuasive copy. He now combines his audio and copy-editing skills to work on podcasts, founding the Podcasting Editor brand in 2019.

Steve has been the editor on the Go Pitch Yourself podcast from the very beginning and we share a dislike of posturing and what he calls ‘flexing’. We had a lot of fun in our conversation, but I hope we also lay to rest a few podcast audio myths and persuade you that sometimes good enough can be good enough.

Podcast Audio Made Simple with Steve Woodward

Topics covered include:

  • Steve’s background, and what he does as a podcast editor
  • Why certain areas in the podcasting space can create barriers to engagement – and Steve’s refreshing take on microphones
  • Simple ways that you can get comfortable recording podcast audio at home – and how to improve your sound
  • If you’re launching your own podcast, why you should envision your best-case scenario and plan for growth
  • Podcast hosting services, how to record remote interviews, and deciding whether to hire an editor or do it yourself – with a discussion of various programs which will help you do just that!

I hope that you enjoy this episode and that the technical aspects of mic technique, audio, and editing no longer seem so off-puttingly exclusive! If there’re any key moments that really resonated with you, as always please let me know. Record a message at speakpipe.com/GPY or let me know on IG @angie_trueblood.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Can’t wait to connect again!

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