Ep. 91 | Podcast Advertising with Heather Osgood

Jan 31, 2023 | 0 comments

Podcast Advertising with Heather Osgood

Podcast advertising is one of the best ways to monetize your podcast. As the Podwize Group continues to grow, I believe that helping our listeners monetize their own podcast revenue is an important step in the growth and accessibility of their show.

Heather Osgood is a podcast advertising expert. For over twenty years, she’s been selling advertising through radio, print, trade show booths, and now podcast advertising where she’s created a successful system for attracting advertisers. She’s taken all her trade secrets on how to monetize your podcast with advertisers, developed The Podcast Moneymaker Course, and has joined me in this episode to share some of her hottest tips.

In our conversation, Heather provides a high-level view of the podcast advertising space. You don’t have to have a podcast with millions of listeners to monetize it and connect your listeners with something very beneficial to them. We discuss the difference between podcast ads and sponsorship, and Heather explains when and how to use each different type of advertising method. Finally, when working with advertisers, it’s vital to build a mutually beneficial relationship, including what type of information advertisers look for, how many downloads your episodes need to have, and what actually makes a good pitch.

Podcast Advertising with Heather Osgood

Topics covered include:

  • The difference between podcast ads and sponsorship
  • The three different types of podcast ads (embedded, dynamic insertion, programmatic)
  • When to use ads, what they involve, and the types of ad dollars they generate
  • How to choose a hosting platform with monetization in mind
  • How to monetize your podcast as you’re growing it

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