Ep. 37 | Pitching Yourself Into Entrepreneurship with Azhelle Wade

Jan 5, 2021 | 0 comments

Up until a few months ago, Azhelle Wade had worked for 10 years as a product developer with the major players in the toy industry. Since joining the Go Pitch Yourself program in April 2020, though, Azhelle’s business has exploded, both with visibility opportunities AND business growth. Now, she enjoys working full-time as an entrepreneur and the sky is her limit! 

Today Azhelle is now known industry-wide as The Toy Coach, joyfully working as a consultant for popular IP’s and toy companies of all sizes. Her first-of-its-kind online course, Toy Creators Academy, helps aspiring toy people develop, launch, and pitch toy ideas like a pro.

Pitching Yourself Into Entrepreneurship with Azhelle Wade

Topics covered include:

  • What Azhelle did in the toy industry and what she does now as The Toy Coach in her entrepreneurship journey
  • How she was trying to grow her podcast – Making It in The Toy Industry –  organically when she discovered the Go Pitch Yourself program
  • Why it took Azhelle some time before she accepted that she is an entrepreneur
  • Racial bias in the toy industry, and the impact that the Black Lives Matter movement had on Azhelle’s brand
  • How she manages her pre-interview nerves!
  • The point at which Azhelle felt she was in the right place to quit her job and make the transition into entrepreneurship as her new full-time career

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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