Ep. 113 | A Paid Keynote Presentation w/Shawn Fink

Dec 5, 2023 | 0 comments

Where you focus your visibility goals depends on the stage your business is at, what your priorities are, and where your target audience happens to be. Although our focus, both on the podcast and at the Podwize Group, is on pitching clients for visibility through podcast guest appearances, I’ve always been clear that the basics of pitching are the same, no matter the opportunity.

Today’s conversation with Shawn Fink touches on an opportunity I know many of us would LOVE to have: a paid keynote speaking opportunity. Shawn is a business design strategist who helps female entrepreneurs and creators cultivate brand demand. Tune in to hear how Shawn was able to connect with a warm contact at her target organization and provide clarity around her topic and its potential impact.

I hope you’ll be able to use some of that advice in your own pitches!

A Paid Keynote Presentation w/Shawn Fink

Topics covered include:

  • A little about Shawn’s background and the concept of the Brave Yes Mindset
  • Shawn’s first attempt at pitching to the organizers of this particular group
  • How a little research helped her to make a second pitch
  • How the presentation went, the feedback Shawn received, and the unexpected opportunities that came from it
  • Why taking risks can level up your business

Do you have a PITCHED story you’d love to share? If so, shoot me a DM on LinkedIn, and tell me about it. if it’s a good fit, you could be an upcoming guest on the podcast!

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Until next time, be well and get pitched, my friend!

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