Ep. 87 | The Interview-to-Episode Ratio for Business Owners

Dec 6, 2022 | 0 comments

Ep 87 The Interview-to-Episode Ratio for Business Owners

If you’re using podcasting as your main visibility mechanism, how do you know when the amount of content you’re creating for your own audience is stopping you from getting in front of new audiences? The Interview-to-Episode Ratio.

Thinking about this question recently (and being a math geek on the quiet) led me to come up with a simple metric. 

The Interview-to-Episode Ratio = # of guest interviews DIVIDED BY the # of episodes published on your own show in a given time period

This simple metric offers a comparison of the time spent getting in front of new audiences with the time spent producing content for an existing audience. Tracking the number retroactively offers you a snapshot of how you’ve spent your time, while estimating it for upcoming months allows you time and space to course correct if you feel the number is skewed too far in one direction. 

And although this metric seems skewed toward podcasters, it can be easily applied to any business-focused content creation. 

The Interview-to-Episode Ratio for Business Owners

Topics covered include:

  • The ‘Podcast Host Math Problem Of The Day‘ that I shared on LinkedIn
  • The simple (so simple!) Interview-to-Episode Ratio formula that will show you where you’re concentrating your time and energy
  • How to track your activities against your revenue
  • Using this metric to identify other elements that could be affecting your growth
  • How I can help to fix the impact of your podcast hosting and guesting

So, what’s your Interview-to-Episode Ratio?  And if it’s low, what are you planning to do to change this? If you need help in determining your next best step based on that number, reach out to me on LinkedIn or IG @thepodwizegroup. Or book a Fix My Pitch Strategy Session with me here.

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Now it’s time for you to get out there and Go Pitch Yourself! Can’t wait to connect again!


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