Ep. 3 | How to Approach a Mama Bear Podcast Host w/Kendra Hennessy

Sep 22, 2019 | 0 comments

How to Approach a Mama Bear Podcast Host

with Kendra Hennessy

If you’ve ever wondered how podcast hosts decide what type of guests to accept for their show, listen up. I sit down with Kendra Hennessy, a friend and former client, to chat through why she doesn’t accept many of the podcast pitches that land in her inbox and how she decides the topics that she’ll say yes to. As the gatekeeper for her audience, Kendra shares what she’s looking for in podcast pitches – and what she hates. 

Kendra Hennessy is a home management expert, a positive-motherhood enthusiast, and the founder of  Mother Like A Boss.

Topics covered include:

  • Why Kendra decided to launch a podcast to support her online business and how that helped her serve her audience in a bigger way
  • The importance of knowing the nuances of a business or a podcast before making a pitch
  • Kendra’s approach to selecting guests for her podcast and the need to create personalized pitches, rather than a blanket “spray and pray” approach
  • Why your social platform and marketing collateral aren’t as important as making your pitch the best fit possible
  • Examples of pitches that just don’t work!

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

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