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We ❤️ podcast hosts.

We have a soft spot for podcast hosts like you. Sure, without you, we’d, quite literally, be out of business. But, our love of podcasting and the people that are working in this industry goes deeper than that.

At The Podwize Group, we believe in the transformative power of podcasts. We believe that people stepping up and using their voices for good is a brave act and quite frankly, exactly what the world needs right now.

So, we are committed to making your job of creating impactful content as simple as possible.

We have created several different ways to do that, depending on your current needs. We’d love for you to explore this page and use any of the resources that we’ve made available. Need something that you don’t see on this page? Email us at and we’ll see what we can do.

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We are committed to helping you find podcast guests who will show up ready and excited to serve your listeners. Below is a list of our current clients who are not only experts in their respective fields, but also know that their job as a guest is to connect with you and offer value to your audience. 

How to use the table: Use the filter and search options to find experienced guests who meet your needs. Once you find someone who may be a good fit, select the '+' icon above their picture to learn more about them and their experience. 

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NameBusiness NameCategorySubcategoriesBioGeneral Topics of ExpertisePrevious Podcast InterviewsInterview PlaylistContact InfoPodcast NameWebsiteOne-SheetInstagramLinkedInFacebook
SQ High Rez HeadshotAngela FosterAngela Foster, Petite Style CoachBusinessFashion & Beauty, Marketing, Careers, Entrepreneurship, Management, Self-ImprovementWith over two decades of executive experience in the fashion and beauty industry, Angela Foster specializes in empowering high-achieving petite women to exude confidence by curating a wardrobe tailored to their unique needs. Angela's clients consistently show up self-assured, whether it's during keynote presentations, high-stakes board meetings, or daily life, all thanks to a meticulously curated wardrobe that works with their short-girl status, accentuates their body shape, and reflects their personal style. Angela's expertise has been featured in Real Simple and BestLife, inside of leadership coaching programs, and on podcasts including Wingnut Social and Liz on Biz. Whether it’s through DIY or personalized style coaching, Angela makes sure her clients never again find themselves paralyzed by the dreaded "I have nothing to wear" dilemma.Creating a closet you love; Aligning personal and business brands through clothing; Adjusting your style to casual work environments Crafting a brand uniform beyond the black turtleneck; Supporting your industry expertise with style; Team coaching for effective meeting and video presence; SheetInstagramLinkedIn
Ep 63 Blog FeaturedAngie TruebloodThe Podwize GroupBusinessEntrepreneurship, Marketing, How ToAs the founder of The Podwize Group and host of the Go Pitch Yourself podcast, Angie Trueblood uses her entrepreneurial spirit, innovative thinking, and superconnector powers to deeply support business owners who are using podcasts as a core tenet of their business growth. Personally, Angie is passionate about normalizing the voices of women in leadership positions, which she feels privileged to play an active role in through her work.How to pitch podcasts without being gross; Leveraging your podcast guest opportunities; Being a gracious and effective podcast host; Using podcasts to grow your business; Using podcasts to grow your networkPodcast Strategies w/Danny Ozment; Promote Yourself to CEO w/Racheal Cook; Wit + Wire w/Melissa GullerListen Now!hello@thepodwizegroup.comGo Pitch YourselfWebsiteOne SheetInstagramLinkedInFacebook
Courtenay ShipleyCourtenay ShipleyRetirement PlanologyBusinessEntrepreneurship, Human Resources, LeadershipCourtenay Shipley is the founder and Chief Planologist of Retirement Planology, a consulting and registered investment advisory firm for corporate-sponsored retirement plans. With a wealth of experience in the retirement plan industry, Courtenay not only offers her clients expertise in investment analysis, plan design, and employee education, but also helps them leverage their employee benefits in a way that supports their own business goals. She has worked with qualified retirement plans, developed strategies for third-party administrators, and conducted over 10,000 educational meetings. Courtenay holds various designations including Accredited Investment Fiduciary™, Chartered Retirement Plan Specialist, Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor, and Certified Exit Planning Advisor. She is also the esteemed president of the Retirement Advisor Council, and her outstanding contributions have earned her accolades such as Top Women Advisor, NAPA Young Gun, and FT Top 401 Advisor.Culturally competent retirement plans; Benefits as an employee retention strategy; The importance of employee education within retirement plan offerings; The state of the benefits market;All About HR, A Little Louder Now, The NoVa Business podcast,Scheduling:; cshipley@retirementplanology.comWebsiteOne SheetLinkedIn
Danielle HendonDanielle Hendon4 Corners CFOBusinessEntrepreneurship , Profitability, Business FinancialsDanielle Hendon is the founder and owner of 4 Corners CFO, a firm offering financial advisory services to small business owners on a scale that fits their company and budget. Coupling her decade of experience in corporate finance and accounting with her passion for small business owners, Danielle brings the benefit of “big business” financial analysis to entrepreneurs. Now, instead of helping corporations increase share price, Danielle gets to help business owners increase their personal livelihoods so they can leave a legacy and lasting impact on their community.Using business debt instead of drowning in it; Big business financial strategies for small business owners; Putting more profit in your pocket; Are you financially ready to hire?; How to recession proof your businessThe How of Business; The Talk w/Renee Dalo podcast; Wedding Industry Insider; Wingnut Social; Social Media Decoded; Law Firm Mentor; Wealthy Woman Lawyer; Do Your Crap podcastListen Now!Scheduling:; admin@4cornerscfo.comWebsiteOne SheetInstagramLinkedInFacebook
Hannah Brandt Photo 4Hannah BrandtHLB LifestyleHealth + FitnessSelf-Improvement, Wellness, HealthcareDr. Hannah Brandt, PT, DPT, CPT, IFNCP, is the founder and lead coach at HLB Lifestyle, a virtual nutrition and fitness coaching company that aims to redefine the accepted norms of diet culture and weight loss. Having faced her own weight issues while following 'all the rules,' Hannah came to the realization that women don’t need another product, program, or supplement. Instead, they need what helped Hannah lose and maintain a weight loss of over sixty pounds: a personalized nutrition and fitness plan, and a coach who can support them in discovering their own motivation, offer accountability, and guide them through the highs and lows. HLB Lifestyle is shifting the concepts associated with weight management from fad diets, severe restriction, and quick fixes to sustainability, optimal health, and a relentless pursuit of joy.Embracing weight loss goals without shame Prioritizing yourself when it’s not convenient Helping healthcare providers prioritize themselves The biggest lies we’ve been told about weight loss Workshopping your wellness Sustainable weight managementThe Chronic Athlete, Not Your Quick Fix podcast, Don't Call Me SkinnyScheduling: hello@thepodwizegroup.comWebsiteOne SheetInstagramFacebook
Jason_HeadShot_JacketTreeWide2_starJason KramerCultivizeBusinessMarketing, Entrepreneurship, Management, Sales, LeadershipJason Kramer is the founder of Cultivize, a consulting firm that specializes in B2B lead nurturing strategies and technology. With 15 years of experience running a creative agency, Jason identified revenue gaps in marketing and sales funnels for distributors, service providers, marketing agencies and manufacturers. He launched Cultivize to provide customized solutions and empower businesses to connect prospect and customer data with marketing campaigns and sales team activities. When not strategizing in CRM, he enjoys family time with his wife, two kids, and two dogs in their lively New York home.Making marketing a profit center How to know if you’re ready for a new CRM Stopping lead leakage in your sales funnel Improving newsletter engagement Building a sales process that scales hello@thepodwizegroup.comWebsiteOne SheetInstagramLinkedIn
Jessica LackeyJessica LackeyJessica Lackey ConsultingBusinessEntrepreneurship, Non-Profit, Business StrategyJessica Lackey is a strategy and operations advisor who is on a mission to radically disrupt mainstream business culture in an effort to create sustainable businesses with a human-centric approach. With a background in corporate leadership, McKinsey & Company consulting, and a Harvard Business degree, Jessica knows a thing or two about hustle culture and what it feels like to judge success by the bottom line…at all costs. Now, she combines her deep experience in consulting, Fortune 500 operations leadership, and coaching to help businesses grow without sacrificing the well-being of their clients, team, and community.Hiring with intention (and a plan); Scaling while maintaining integrity; The math behind the stages of scale (and it's not all revenue); Prioritizing company, client, and community well-beingThe Successful Bookkeeper, The Selling Show, Wingnut Social, The Web Design podcastListen Now!Scheduling:; jessica@jessicalackey.comWebsiteOne SheetInstagramLinkedIn
Matt PhillipsMatt PhillipsMatt Phillips CoachingBusinessManagement Entrepreneurship, LeadershipMatt Phillips is a High Performance Leadership Coach, Mental Toughness Expert, and the Founder of Matt Phillips Coaching™. He now works with companies to build high performing teams that crush their strategic and financial goals, focused on the one true differentiator, mental toughness. Matt is a former professional baseball player in Austria’s Bundesliga (first league) and Division-1 baseball player in the United States. Combined with his extensive background in operations, sales, and accounting in the United States and Europe, Matt teaches business leaders and teams how to systematically break through the mental roadblocks that naturally arise in their daily grind and hold them back from realizing their potential.5 Elements of mental toughness for sales leaders; Defining and leverage your sales leader superpower; Navigating the transition from selling rockstar to sales leader; How to support mid-level sales leaders; Defining your unique leadership philosophyThe Selling Show podcast; Sales Leadership podcast; Mastering Risk Management podcastScheduling:; matt@mattphillipscoaching.comThe Matt Phillips Podcast for Sales LeadersWebsiteOne SheetInstagramLinkedInFacebook
Tiffany CagwinTiffany CagwinTiffany Cagwin Health CoachingHealth & Fitness, BusinessSelf Improvement, Leadership, WellnessTiffany is a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Yoga Teacher. She is an experienced executive leader and transformational coach who has a passion for helping others thrive by guiding them to shift their mindset, take action towards goals and embrace self-care. An explorer at heart, with a never ending curiosity for learning new things, she is constantly expanding her education and has received additional training in Nutrigenomics (DNA Testing), Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), Bioenergetics, Hypnotherapy (Board Certified), Quantum Biology and Biophysics.Healing the energy shortage in corporate America; Uncovering the cause of constant fatigue, brain fog, and weight gain; Prioritize sustainable self-care by tweaking your existing habit; Balancing Type A tendencies to avoid burnoutThe Wholly Well podcast, Carl Her Mommy, Emotional Expedition: A Journey of HealingListen Now!Scheduling:; Tiffany@tiffanycagwin.comWebsiteOne SheetInstagramLinkedIn
Shelli WarrenShelli WarrenStacking Your TeamBusinessLeadership, Management, EntrepreneurshipAs a distinguished women's Leadership Advisor and host of the Stacking Your Team podcast, Shelli Warren helps small business owners set up their teams to take over the daily operations of their business so they can focus on higher-level growth decisions. With a track record of steering multi-million dollar projects for Fortune 50 corporations and iconic billion-dollar brands, Shelli has leveraged her background in building and leading technical teams to coach business owners for the last decade. Now in its fifth year, The Stacking Your Team podcast is a top-rated show with over 500,000 downloads that teaches women leaders how to establish a capable leadership team to carry out the daily direction required to delight their clients.The three-phase process to stacking your team Creating career paths for team members at your small business Decreasing team turnover without increasing your payroll Phasing your way out of day-to-day operations Tackling tough conversations to propel your team forwardSuccessful Bookkeeper, The Group Practice Exchange, Sales Maven and moreListen Now!vanessa@thepodwizegroup.comStacking Your TeamWebsiteOne SheetInstagramLinkedIn
SOCIAL MEDIA - WEB DSC02851-Edit_ (1)Traci DeForgeProduce Your PodcastBusinessMarketing, Entrepreneurship, PodcastingTraci DeForge, with over three decades of expertise in Broadcast Media, Executive Management, and Fortune 500 Business Consulting, is the founder of Produce Your Podcast, a premier podcast consulting and production agency that incorporates podcasting into B2B and B2C business’ digital marketing strategy. With a diverse career spanning startups to Fortune 500 giants like Google and Hilton, she's renowned for business development insights that drive innovation. As CEO of Ladies Who Launch, Traci pioneered the Franchise Media Model, supporting women-owned businesses. An international podcast expert and speaker, she founded, the Podcast Management Academy, and co-founded the Podcast Professionals Association. Traci hosts the podcast "Journey to There," and co-hosts the popular "Ask Brien Radio Show" in Los Angeles. Recognized by CNN, CTV, and American Express Open, Traci is a proud member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council.Why your business needs a podcast How sales teams can leverage a podcast How to engage buyers and clients with your podcast Podcast growth strategy Podcasting for authors How to be a successful podcast managerThe Kelly Roach show, Ask Brien, and morebritt@thepodwizegroup.comGrowth Accelerator PodcastWebsiteOne SheetInstagramLinkedInFacebook

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