Ep. 107 | Why Aren’t Podcast Guests Sharing Their Interviews?

Sep 12, 2023 | 0 comments

Whether or not podcast guests share their interviews is a common topic of conversation in the podcast community, with hosts frequently expressing frustration and seeking solutions. In this episode of “Go Pitch Yourself,” I share the reasons some guests may be less likely to share their interviews and offer up strategies hosts can take to better support them in sharing their episodes.

In addition to sharing what hosts can do to encourage sharing, I also share several actions that podcast guests can take to help ease the perceived ‘pain’ of helping promote the host’s podcast.

Why Aren’t Podcast Guests Sharing Their Interviews?

Topics covered include:

  • The common practice of podcast hosts using guest interviews as a growth strategy rather than a content strategy
  • The importance of and how to make it easier for guests to share their interviews
  • Why guests not sharing their interviews may be an indicator that you and your guest aren’t ‘connecting’ in a way that maximizes collaboration
  • The impact that exploring unique topics with your guests can have on their willingness to share your podcast with their audience
  • How guests can be proactive in knowing when episodes go live
  • The role that a template can play in repurposing your guest interviews

If this episode resonated with you – as either a host or a guest – I would LOVE to hear what your key takeaways are. Connect with me on LinkedIn @angietrueblood.

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Now it’s time for you to get out there and Go Pitch Yourself! Can’t wait to connect again!

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