Ep. 40 | Guest Expert Opportunities: What They Are and How to Land Them

Feb 16, 2021 | 0 comments

In December of last year, I reviewed how my visibility work had been going – check out The Go Pitch Yourself Annual Review for 2020. One of the topics I discussed was my success in getting in front of various communities as a guest expert, as a part of my own pitching process and visibility strategy. 

Well, it turns out this is something that is on a LOT of people’s minds in the Go Pitch Yourself community, so today I take a deep dive into all things “guest expert-y”. I share what different guest expert opportunities look like, why this kind of visibility opportunity can be so valuable, and how you can go about earning them.

Also in this episode, be sure to listen closely for a special announcement about my upcoming FREE Masterclass.

Guest Expert Opportunities: What They Are and How to Land Them

Topics covered include:

  • What the different kinds of guest expert opportunities look like – and how to prepare for them
  • How the consistency of your pitching and visibility work is key to earning guest expert appearances
  • The number of guest expert opportunities I delivered in 2020 and the number I’m hoping to hit in 2021 as a part of my visibility strategy
  • Can you charge a fee for being a guest expert?
  • What kind of conversion outcome can you expect?
  • Details of how you can sign up for my upcoming FREE Masterclass, Go Pitch Like a Pro (March 2021)

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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