Ep. 112 | How Nikki Rausch Pitched a Game-Changing Offer

Nov 21, 2023 | 0 comments

Have you hesitated to share an offer that you believe would be a definite “yes” for your ideal audience, despite its incredible value? My guest today, Nikki Rausch, faced a different scenario. In 2020, she pitched an offer that not only brought in $49,000 within the initial seven days but continues to significantly impact her business even after three years.

In this episode of Pitched, Nikki, the Founder and CEO of Sales Maven, recounts her experience pitching a new offer to her audience in 2020 and the profound effect it had on her business. Her approach to sales centers around authenticity and fostering genuine connections, making her story particularly inspiring for our listeners.

What resonates with me most from my conversation with Nikki is her ability to craft an offer that meets multiple needs of her audience, implement it swiftly, and benefit from it over the long-term. In fact, the $49,000 generated in this offer’s first seven days has grown into hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue over the past three years.
If you’ve been holding onto an idea or offer for an extended period, I hope Nikki’s story jumpstarts you to pitch it! Sometimes, taking the leap is the hardest part, as overthinking often leads to talking ourselves out of pitching entirely.

How Nikki Rausch Pitched a Game-Changing Offer

Topics covered include:

  • The offer from Nikki’s coach that made her spend $5,000 in a day
  • What was contained in the package she came up with, what she priced it at, and how she pitched it to her audience
  • The immediate response that Nikki received
  • Nikki’s thoughts about discounted offers – “What you should charge is what will people pay”
  • The effect that appearing on podcasts has had on Nikki’s business
  • Details of the free training that Nikki is offering for Pitched listeners

Remember – if you’ve been sitting on an idea or an offer, get out there and pitch it to the people that need it. I’d love to hear how it goes. And if you need a little encouragement to take that step, connect with me in my DMS on Linkedin @angietrueblood.

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Until next time, be well and get pitched, my friend!

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