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,,, Headshots - smaller - Abby HermanAbby HermanThe Content ExperimentBusiness, EducationEntrepreneurship, MarketingAbby Herman is founder and CEO of The Content Experiment, a full-service podcast management and content marketing agency for online, service-based businesses. As a content strategist and consultant, Abby helps business owners let go of the day-to-day frustration around publishing a podcast so her clients can get back to doing what they love in business. Abby is the voice behind The Content Experiment Podcast, where she features guests and solo episodes to talk about business growth and mindset, content strategy, and visibility for podcasters.Minimum viable content marketing; Generating a never-ending list of content ideas; Why your podcast isn't generating leads, Simplifying the content creation processPromote Yourself to CEO, Be Brilliant in Business, Know Like and Trust Content Experiment Podcasthttps://thecontentexperiment.com
,,, Alana sq - Team TruebloodAlana DawsonBusiness, EducationEntrepreneurship, Marketing, How ToAlana Dawson is a podcast coach and producer, host of the Podcasting Party podcast, and founder of the PodcastHER community, where she helps one-woman shows stress less and step more fully into their purpose through podcasting. Alana is passionate about helping women share their voice and get paid by implementing simple yet effective strategies to launch, grow and monetize shows that make an impact. And, since she built her own business and two podcasts as a military wife and mom on the move, don’t expect her strategies to be complicated, tech-heavy, or full of audio jargon.How to create a profitable podcast, How to plan six months of podcast content in one hour, How to repurpose your content into podcast episodes, How to take a podcasting break without losing momentum6-Figure Mompreneur, Bubbles & Biz, Make Your Passion Pay You Podcasting Partyhttps://alanadawson.com
,,, Andrea-Liebross-Coaching -Life-Coach-Business-Coach - Andrea LiebrossAndrea LiebrossAndrea Liebross CoachingBusiness, EducationEntrepreneurship, Careers, Self-ImprovementAfter graduating from Dartmouth College and marrying the guy that lived down the hall, Andrea Liebross and her husband packed up the 1980s red Cadillac, left the northeast, and eventually made their way to the midwest city known for the Indianapolis 500. Over the last few decades, Andrea has started 3 successful businesses, all while raising two kids, now ages 20 and 18, and several giant puppies. As a certified business and life coach, Andrea's known for helping high-achieving women make the shift from overwhelm to freedom in both their personal and professional life. Her goal is to guide these bold, ambitious women to create their own custom secret sauce for success by combining just two ingredients - the right mindset and solid systems. Andrea believes every problem is solvable and every dream is possible IF you make it all simple, doable and FUN (even the systems).Getting everyone on-board (and bought in at home and work), Finding freedom in your life and business (regardless of what stage you're in), Think like a CEO at home and at work (manage everything, well), The power of three in planning your day, week, quarter and year, Putting a price on what you're worth (and its relationship to worthiness)The Boutique Workshop Podcast, Working Woman's Wealth, More Than A Few Words to Level Uphttps://www.andrealiebross.com
,,, Ep 63 Blog FeaturedAngie TruebloodThe Podwize GroupBusiness, EducationEntrepreneurship, Marketing, How ToAs the founder of The Podwize Group and host of the Go Pitch Yourself podcast, Angie Trueblood uses her entrepreneurial spirit, innovative thinking, and superconnector powers to deeply support business owners who are using podcasts as a core tenet of their business growth. Personally, Angie is passionate about normalizing the voices of women in leadership positions, which she feels privileged to play an active role in through her work.How to pitch podcasts without being gross; Leveraging your podcast guest opportunities; Being a gracious and effective podcast host; Using podcasts to grow your business; Using podcasts to grow your networkPodcast Strategies w/Danny Ozment; Promote Yourself to CEO w/Racheal Cook; Wit + Wire w/Melissa Guller Pitch Yourself
,,, Aubree-sq - Team TruebloodAubree MalickBusiness, EducationCareers, Entrepreneurship, How ToAubree is a former teacher, mom of two and host of the Freelancer to CEO podcast. She helps women start a freelance business so they can have more choice and freedom. When she's not supporting her clients and students, you can usually find her obsessing over another DIY home project, enjoying an adult beverage, and spending time with family and friends.Starting a virtual assistant business from home, Scaling your VA business without the overwhelm, Choosing a ‘Yes-and’ mom life, Leveraging your online business skills into a profitable side hustle, Marketing your business in a fun, aligned way on TikTokSocial Media for Mompreneurs, Teacher Hustle, The Stefanie Gass Show to CEOhttps://aubreemalick.com
,,, Short-Term Hustling: A 5-in-5 Challenge Recap with Ava JayneAva JayneTandem Virtual AssistantBusiness, Society + CultureEntrepreneurship, Marketing, Self-ImprovementAva is a recovering procrastinator turned Accountability Assistant, who understands that knowing what to do does not always translate into getting it done. Accountability Assistance was created to provide normally high achievers with a proven system and genuine support that releases them from the chains of procrastination, the heaviness of overwhelm, and the guilt of not keeping their promises (even to themselves).Accountability, procrastination, healthy hustle, overwhelm, the value of showing upSimplicity for Solopreneurs, Go Pitch Yourselfavajayne@tandemvirtualassistant.com
,,, Caroline Hull Wild Home Podcasting Headshot Square - Caroline HullCaroline HullWild Home PodcastingBusiness, TechnologyEntrepreneurship, Marketing, How ToCaroline is a podcasting expert and owner of Wild Home Podcasting, a boutique podcast editing and production agency, and a homeschool mom who helps at-home podcasters launch their voices into the world. She discovered her intense love for podcasts after launching her own podcast with her biz bestie and in the process, finding her own confidence and voice. Caroline believes that everyone has a unique perspective and story worth sharing. She has a passion for helping others do this through their podcasts. Caroline has been featured in podcasts such as Uncommon Couch, Proof to Product, The Homeschool CEO, How to Fail, Scale Your Way and Creative Biz Rebellion. She also shares podcasting tips and a peek into her wild life on her podcast, the Wild Home Podcast.PODCASTING FOR YOUR BUSINESS REFRAMING PODCASTING AS A BUSINESS OWNER HOMESCHOOLING AND BEING A CEO GROWING AN AGENCYUncommon Couch, Proof to Product, Scale Your Wayhello@wildhomepodcasting.comWild Home Podcastinghttp://wildhomepodcasting.com
,,, 288181710_769724077526190_542719519526363973_nCasey JourdanThe Pursuit of EvolutionHealth + Fitness, Society + CultureSelf-Improvement, Personal JournalsUsing her Master's in mental health, her time as a therapist, and her unique life experiences, Casey educates and inspires others to be more resilient in the face of unexpected life changes. After surviving a roadside bombing in Iraq and , years later, tackling multiple rounds of infertility treatments with no good outcomes, Casey knows that change is inevitable but evolution is optional.4 key practices to building a more resilient life (aka my Pursuit of Evolution framework) The power in owning your story and how to start doing so Rebuilding your life and purpose when our plans are stripped from us Living with disabilities and neurodivergence in a "do more faster" worldDon't Cut Your Own Bangs, The Driven Woman, Pivotal Moments Pursuit of Evolutionhttp://www.caseyjourdan.com
,,, Charlotte-sq - Team TruebloodCharlotte IsaacBusiness, EducationEntrepreneurship, Management, How ToCharlotte Isaac is a business operations consultant and Dubsado whiz who helps overwhelmed and overworked entrepreneurs build customized solutions that create space for them to enjoy the life they’ve built. Charlotte leads by example, having designed her own business in a way that allows plenty of space to enjoy life with her husband, both in their hometown of Sydney, Australia and traveling around the world.Leveling up your CRM/Dubsado into an operational powerhouse, When to automate and when to hire, Honoring your boundaries with the help of your CRM, Stop categorizing Dubsado as a ‘tech-tool, Creating a referral-worthy client experienceThe Copywriter Club, The Shine Online, Better Than Big
,,,Deanna SeymourDeanna SeymourBusinessEntrepreneurship, Marketing, Graphic Design or Social Media?Graphic Designer and host of her podcast, Eff That: Breaking the Rules of Online Business, Deanna Seymour knows the power of creativity, fun, and lettin' your freak flag fly when it comes to marketing your business. Whether she’s hosting an online coworking sesh or helping a client get over their fear of being on camera, Deanna uses humor and empathy to build a community that helps people feel seen, heard, and ultimately more comfortable in their own skin so they can have more fun getting in front of their perfect-fit clients. When she’s not designing for her clients, she’s probably callin’ out sleazy marketing tactics, hangin’ with her fam, or sneaking in some crappy reality tv!taking a break from social media, using humor in marketing, Using private podcasts to grow your audience and network, how personal should your personal brand be, emails aren't just wordsGo Pitch Yourself, She Built This, This Shit Works That: Breaking the Rules of Online Business
,,, 2 - Diann WingertDiann WingertDiann Wingert CoachingBusiness, EducationEntrepreneurship, Marketing, Self-ImprovementDiann Wingert became a business mindset coach after a 20-year career as a psychotherapist. Her mission is to help high-achieving women become confidently ambitious by eliminating the beliefs and habits that hold them back. Her trademark style combines a no-BS directness with remarkable depth, insight and humor. Diann loves sharing her wisdom on the intersection of mental health, feminism and entrepreneurship.Think Like an Entrepreneur Feminine Conditioning is Killing Your Business The Confidence Habit Transforming Your Relationship with Fear The 5 Mindset Blocks that Keep Your StuckFried, The Burnout Podcast, This is Woman's Work, The Lean-Out Method, Driven Woman Podcast with Diann Wingert
,,,Erinn BridgmanBusiness, EducationCareers, Entrepreneurship, InvestingErinn Bridgman is a former wedding and lifestyle photographer, and a strategic money mastery coach who is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs grow businesses that actually fund their personal wealth. When she’s not working with clients or finding her next investment property with her husband, Brent, Erinn can likely be found spending quality time with daughter, Ava, and friends, and vacationing around the world.Bookkeeping is not CFO’ing, Money management can be beautiful/sexy, How traditional financial advice is skewed against women, Using your business to fund your personal wealth Using business wealth to fund personal wealth through real estateGift Biz Unwrapped, Talk with Renee, Photo Field Notes
,,,Jackie MurphyBusiness, Health + FitnessEntrepreneurship, Marketing, How ToJackie Murphy is the host of the Yoga Boss podcast, and a business coach who helps yoga teachers become CEOs by building an aligned brand, intentionally market, ethically sell, and think like a business owner. With over a decade of experience as a yoga teacher, Jackie is on a mission to create 200 6-figure yoga teachers and change the entire industry forever.Building a profitable AND ethical business as a yoga teacher, Selling in a way that feels in alignment, Using the philosophies of yoga to build an ethical brand, Thinking like a entrepreneur/CEO vs employeeBeyond Yoga Teacher Training, Blissful Biz, Profitable Nutritionistjake.barrios@outsourceddoers.comYoga Bosshttps://www.jackiegmurphy.com
,,, Jodi Brandon_SQUARE - Jodi BrandonJodi BrandonJodi Brandon EditorialBusinessBooks, Entrepreneurship, MarketingJodi Brandon is a book publishing partner for business owners. She has used her 20+ years experience in book publishing to help 450+ business owners and entrepreneurs write, publish, and market a book to grow their business. She is the author of Write.Publish.Market., 2nd edition, and the host of the Write Publish Market writing, book publishing, book marketing, books and businessWhat Works, Launch Yourself, Coach with Clarityjodi@jodibrandoneditorial.comWrite Publish Markethttps://jodibrandoneditorial.com
,,, Jordan Schanda King - Team Easy ScalingJordan Schanda KingEasy Scaling, LLCBusinessHow To, Courses, EntrepreneurshipJordan Schanda King is a serial entrepreneur and expert at business optimization. Since starting her first business in 2013, she has published a book, developed and led group programs in three industries, filed copyrights on multiple products, and successfully sold a business. Now she runs a Contract COO agency specializing in full operations management for women-owned service-based businesses. With an all-female team of VAs, Copywriters, Marketers, Social Media Managers, and Tech Gurus, they help female founders scale without burning out so they can build a sustainable business they love. After learning the hard way how to run a business that she loves (while also growing her family) Jordan is excited to share her expertise with other women on this entrepreneurial journey.Effective Outsourcing and Delegation, Optimizing the Backend of Your Business with SOPs, Being Efficient (and Effective) in Business, Creating Powerful Group Coaching Programs, Motherhood and EntrepreneurshipThe Ambitious Introvert Podcast with Emma-Louise Parkes, Inbox Besties with Kate Doster, 6-Figure Mompreneur Podcast with Allison Hardy
,,, Kristen-sq2 - Team TruebloodKristen CarboneBrilliantlyBusiness, Health + FitnessEntrepreneurship, Investing, Self-ImprovementIn 2013 Kristen Carbone, mom of two, had a preventative mastectomy and reconstruction after both losing her mother to breast cancer and her own cancer scare. Healing was a journey through sometimes crippling loneliness, nagging body image issues, and a full spectrum of uncomfortable sensations, all while navigating motherhood, work and daily life. After learning she wasn’t alone in these experiences, Kristen founded Brilliantly, providing resources to help women step into and embrace their ‘new normal’ with confidence and support, including Brilliantly Warm, a discreet warming wearable technology that supports breast cancer survivors, nursing moms, and other women with chronic conditions who experience the discomfort of being constantly cold.Advocating for and accepting help BEFORE you need it, Navigating your own hereditary risks (and talking to your children about them), Being a woman in tech - the good, the bad, and the ugly, Why women are poised for success in the VC space, How a big vision is critical for leading a big movementShameless Mom Academy, Femtech Focus, and Cancer Horizons
,,, Melissa Corkum headshot color - Melissa CorkumMelissa CorkumThe Adoption ConnectionKids + Family, Religion + SpiritualityAdoption, Foster CareAs a post-adoption support specialist, co-founder of The Adoption Connection, Safe and Sound Protocol Practitioner, and adult adoptee, Melissa Corkum has helped hundreds of adoptive parents shift to a brain-based view of behaviors so they can laugh more and yell less. She and her husband, Patrick, have six kids by birth and adoption. They've taught her a lot about what creates thriving parent-child relationships…and what doesn't.What to Do When You Run Out of Compassion, Why You Don't Have to Stay Calm to be a Good Parent, Using the Enneagram to Help Your Child Process Their StoryBoss Mom, The Archibald Project, Build Your Best Familymelissa@theadoptionconnection.comThe Adoption Connectionhttps://www.theadoptionconnection.com
,,, Melissa Morris_Square - Melissa MorrisMelissa MorrisMelissa V MorrisBusinessEntrepreneurship, Management, How ToMelissa Morris is a Project Manager and Operations Consultant for agencies. Using her 10 years agency experience, Melissa helps agencies maximize their team, increase their productivity and increase profits. Her T.A.P.P Framework takes agency owners from disorganized and chaotic to streamlined and efficient so they can spend less time stressing about details and more time on agency growth. How to Save 5 Hours Per Week, How to stop being the bottleneck in your business, 6 Tools you Need to Grow Your Business, 5 Hidden Ways Businesses Waste Money, 3 Things Your Team Wish You Told ThemBiz Chix, The Content Experiment, She's Making an Impactmelissa@melissavmorris.com
,,, Michelle-Clayton-LetHerFly - Michelle ClaytonMichelle ClaytonLet Her FlyArts, BusinessDesign, Entrepreneurship, MarketingMichelle Clayton is the Brand Strategist and Designer behind Let Her Fly, a studio for successful women who are ready to look like the pro they are. She captures their personality and expertise in a clear, cohesive brand that feels just like them and attracts more ideal clients, so they can confidently go after their next big thing. With a design degree and nearly 30 years in the industry, Michelle’s experience ranges from in-house art departments to non-profits to two of Calgary’s largest advertising agencies. Through Let Her Fly, she now brings that same level of expertise and eye for detail to entrepreneurs and small businesses.branding, brand strategy, logo design, graphic design, photoshoot tipsrecorded but not published yetsee abovemichelle@weletherfly.com
,,, Headshot squareSarah YoungYoung + Co.Business, EducationEntrepreneurship, Management, How ToSarah Young is the host of the Profit and Prosper podcast and founder of Young + Co, a Virtual CFO agency that helps business owners find financial peace and generate freedom and wealth. After finding that working with small business owners was far more fulfilling than working for large companies, Sarah committed herself and her business to helping business owners be more well AND wealthy.Understanding your financial metrics (without staring at your P&L sheet), The key roles needed for a financially healthy business (and what to outsource), How to grow your business and remain profitable at the same time, Making money management more manageablePromote Yourself to CEO, Marketing Off the Mat, Grab Life by the Goals + Prosper Podcast
,,, Shanice Miller sq - Team TruebloodShanice MillerTaskly GroupBusiness, EducationEntrepreneurship, Management, How ToShanice Miller is a business productivity consultant, specializing in project management, who helps clients ranging from small startups to multi-million dollar businesses save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. Her passion for identifying and solving inefficiencies began when she sold her first business, an educational consultancy that had been recognized in Forbes and BET, at a less than premium price point because she didn’t have her systems and processes streamlined and documented. Over the last 10 years, Shanice has used her ability to identify operational inefficiencies and create solutions to not only help save her clients’ businesses (and hairlines), but to also fall in love with them again.How to project manage your business like a multimillion dollar company, How to eliminate all but one meeting per week, Key processes to optimize/streamline/automate in your business, How using project management tools can help eliminate the need for an ongoing, high-level PM, Letting go of your ego in order to scale (without feeling out of the loop)Listen Money Matters, Go Pitch Yourselfn/ahello@thepodwizegroup.comn/a
,,, 2018-10-29 14.03.00 - Taran ConwellTaran ConwellUndomestic MomEducation, Kids + FamilyRelationships, Motherhood, Self-ImprovementTaran Conwell is the host of The Undomestic Mom Podcast, and on a mission to help moms discover what self-care routines are right for them and how to incorporate them into their daily life. After having an identity crisis, this mom of 3 became passionate about helping other women find fulfillment outside of motherhood. She's actively dismantling the outdated and cringey societal view of self-care in motherhood.-Helping moms build their own village (through friendship, babysitters and a supportive partner) -Leading moms on a path of self-discovery, finding fulfillment outside of motherhood -How moms can find true happiness in life by doing less and expecting more -Helping people-pleasing moms down a path of saying no and putting themselves first more oftenCelebrate Cultivate, Mindful as a Mother, The Rising Lava Parenting PodcastTaran Conwell is the host of The Undomestic Mom Podcast, and on a mission to help moms discover what self-care routines are right for them and how to incorporate them into their daily life. After having an identity crisis, this mom of 3 became passionate about helping other women find fulfillment outside of motherhood. She's actively dismantling the outdated and cringey societal view of self-care in motherhood.taran@undomesticmom.comThe Undomestic Mom Podcast
,,, Hunter Lowder - sqHunter LowderTortoise & The BearBusiness, EducationEntrepreneurship, Management, MarketingHunter Lowder is co-owner of Tortoise & The Bear, a business strategy, operations, and mindset coaching company that supports visionaries in bringing their wild and crazy dreams to life. Coupling her past business experience as CEO of a multi-million dollar company with mindful coaching approaches, Hunter helps service-based business owners create and prioritize a strategic plan to grow their impact and move their business forward in a sustainable way.Reverse engineering business growth, Luxury customer experiences, Growing a non-cookie cutter business, Using online management techniques in brick and mortar businesses, Transitioning from business owner to business leaderFlight Club, Wedding MBA
,,, Melanie-playlistMelanie LippmanArts, BusinessFashion & Beauty, Careers, ManagementMelanie Lippman is an Image Consultant and Personal Branding expert who helps ambitious, high-powered women in male dominated fields learn to use style to communicate confidence, build connections, and achieve next-level visibility. Combining her Image and Color Consulting degrees from Fashion Institute of Technology with her past experience working with brands like Marie Claire, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus, Melanie helps women worldwide define their personal brand, making them instantly recognizable, memorable and viewed as a leader. When she is not coaching, you can find Melanie practicing yoga with her husband, playing in the Miami waves with her 8 year-old son, or listening to a personal development audio book.Defining your personal style, Dressing for the body you have now, The opportunities women pass up due to their wardrobe, Closet challenges women face without an understanding of style, How the way you dress impacts your confidence and authenticitybuckleUp! Podcast, Brand Theory, Wealthy Woman Lawyer
,,, Angela Jia Kim sqAngela Jia KimSavor BeautyHealth + Fitness, Society + CultureFashion & Beauty, Self-ImprovementAngela Jia Kim is the founder of Savor Beauty, a natural skincare and facial spa brand inspired by Korean beauty and self-love rituals, and a former international, classical concert pianist. Called “the unexpected beauty virtuoso” by MindBodyGreen, she created the award-winning skincare in her kitchen, became an accidental entrepreneur, and built a multimillion-dollar enterprise around the philosophy of manifesting beauty, brilliance, and balance. She has led hundreds of women empowerment workshops and her Savor Beauty Self-Care Planner has sold over 100,000 copies. A highly recognized skin and self-care expert, her skincare and spas in New York City have been chosen as “Best of New York” and featured in top publications such as The New York Times, Vogue, Elle, People, Allure, Well+Good, and more.Experience radical radiance by nourishing both their outer and inner glow, How to ‘re-imagine’ self-care in a way that’s more deeply nourishing and ‘do-able’ every day, Self-love as a business ownerThe Beauty Biz™ Show, Radical Radiance, Design Youhello@thepodwizegroup.com