Ep. 119 | Farewell, Pitches

Feb 27, 2024 | 0 comments

Endings are also new beginnings; when we begin again, we do so with new insight and knowledge. In this final episode of the Pitched Podcast, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the journey we’ve shared and the invaluable lessons learned along the way. We’ll share insights on why it’s essential to recognize when it’s time to pivot and repurpose content rather than just creating for the sake of it. Understanding and focusing on what truly matters can lead to growth and success, both personally and professionally.

At some point, you’ll feel the need to pivot and refocus, so pay special attention to how to end what you’re doing on a high note.

Farewell, Pitches

Key ideas from the episode:

  • When you create content, quality matters more than quantity. “I would rather end on a high note, having created content that I am super proud of, rather than scraping by to ‘just create content.’”
  • Pivoting and transitioning doesn’t always mean scrapping everything. Sometimes, it just means adjusting what you’re doing to be more valuable and more curated. “I will be releasing a 6-ish episode public podcast that I will point new folks who discover me to.” In doing this, the customer journey is enhanced and does a better job meeting the needs of potential clients.
  • “Podcast guesting is an effective strategy whether or not you host your own podcasts.” And do you know what podcast guesting includes? Pitching yourself to other podcast hosts. Know your strengths and play to them.
  • Efficiency is key in nearly everything, and relevancy is even more important than that, which means you’ve got to stay on top of things and experiment. “We are going to be testing out some new ways to leverage some of the technology that’s out there in the podcasting space in that show.” 
  • Ending a podcast doesn’t mean abandoning your audience. There are so many ways to stay engaged. “Please connect with me on LinkedIn… Shoot me a connection request with a little note that says, I heard you on the Pitch podcast. I want to stay connected. Secondly, join our newsletter. I send out an email every other week and it always includes some behind-the-scenes podcast guesting support.”

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