Ep. 117 | Entrepreneur Media’s Elevator Pitch with Joy Hoover

Jan 30, 2024 | 0 comments

You’ve heard of Shark Tank, where hopeful inventors bring their products to sink or swim in front of investors. But have you heard of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, the entrepreneur’s equivalent? If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to succeed on a show like this or even to get invited to stand in front of the panel, this episode will give you an insider’s perspective.

Joy Hoover is the innovative mind behind ESOES Cosmetics, whose flagship product is a lipstick that doubles as a safety device with a panic button and drink test strips in one cute package. Joy’s mission in life lies in social justice and safety activism, and to empower and protect women in dangerous situations. In this episode, Joy shares her exhilarating journey of pitching ESOES Cosmetics on Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the intense preparation, the pitch itself, and the rollercoaster of emotions that came with the experience.

If you wonder whether you’re coming across as authentic and retaining your identity when delivering your pitches, pay special attention to how Joy managed to not only do that but also how she left a lasting impression on millions of people in a high-stakes, high-pressure television show.

Entrepreneur Media’s Elevator Pitch with Joy Hoover

Key ideas from the episode:

  • How Joy was put on the spot to give a 60-second pitch with no time to prepare, despite having never given one before: “My investor raised her hand and said, ‘She will, but I want her to go first.’ I stood up and did my pitch, and everyone was kind of like, ‘Whoa.’ That moment opened the door for me to be considered for the show.”
  • The significance of Joy’s distinctive personal branding in making a memorable impression and standing out in a crowd: “My hat and my outfit are part of my branding. People are like, ‘Who is this girl?’ It helps me grab attention and be remembered.”
  • Why practicing her pitch and wordsmithing it to fit the strict 60-second format was crucial for Joy’s success on the show: “I practiced it over and over again, even recording myself and playing it in my ear. It was pivotal to stay on track and make every second count.”
  • The strategy behind Joy’s decision to immediately follow up with contacts and opportunities, maintaining momentum and not missing her shot: “I emailed the venture capitalist right after the event. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity. My philosophy is always to shoot my shot and follow it through until I hit the target. I knew I had to be proactive and seize the moment.”
  • Joy went through the gamut of emotions, especially after VC investors turned her down: “And then over the loudspeaker is, “Joy, come back to the elevator.” And I was really shocked because I was like, what is this? I hadn’t seen this happen before, ever, on the show.”
  • The benefits Joy experienced from participating in the show, beyond just the potential for investment, including increased confidence and public exposure for her brand and mission: “It was an incredible experience that built my confidence and allowed me to connect with a wider audience. It opened doors and opportunities beyond just the investment aspect.”

PodLove of the Week:

Build a Better Agency

“If you are a service provider who is looking to morph into an agency, or if you’re already an agency owner, or like many of our clients, if you serve agencies, this show is such an inside peek at how to grow an agency, and really how agency owners think.”

Insider Tip of the Week:

Be yourself and be ready to show up. 

There are many ways to be picked out of a crowd, including your appearance and your personality, but make sure you’re showing up as you. Have your digital ducks in a row: be prepared with talking points, stories, and a system to handle new business so you can seize opportunities that arise.

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