Ep. 56 | Capsule Podcasts with Betsy Wallace

Sep 28, 2021 | 0 comments

I’ve said many times before that podcast guesting is a gateway drug to starting your own podcast, but not every business warrants a long-running show. Sometimes, providing value in a short-form, bingeable series is the perfect choice.

Enter today’s guest, my friend Betsy Wallace, who is the guru of the Capsule Podcast—a concept which I think is pure genius.

In 2018, Betsy and her sister launched their own podcast, Dinner Sisters. Today, almost thirteen thousand people tune in each month to hear what they’re making for dinner. Betsy launched her business, Capsule Podcast, to help brands, authors, speakers and coaches use a 6-episode podcast mini-series to grow their business.

As I explain in the introduction, immediately after we finished recording, Betsy and I began planning how we are going to work together to help people explore the visibility benefits of capsule podcasts. Connect with us both on IG and DM us if you’re interested in working together – @angie_trueblood and @capsulepodcast.

Capsule Podcasts with Betsy Wallace

Topics covered include:

  • Betsy’s own speakpipe question for Angie about podcast tours – what they are, and how they can help you to maintain podcast visibility
  • Information and an update about the podwize co-op
  • An introduction to Betsy and her history with podcasts
  • Why Betsy noticed a gap in the podcasting space – when maintaining a weekly show is too much pressure, but missing out on the visibility opportunities of podcasting isn’t an option
  • The ways in which businesses of all sizes are using capsule podcasts
  • What people should consider when deciding if a capsule podcast is the right option for them
  • Betsy’s most impactful podcast-guesting experience and how to connect with her

So who else wants to start a capsule podcast?! If you’re inspired or are full of questions, connect with us both on IG – @angie_trueblood and @capsulepodcast.

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Can’t wait to connect again!

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