Ep. 71 | Authenticity in Marketing: Finding YOUR Social Media Platform with Aubree Malick

Apr 26, 2022 | 0 comments

Authenticity in Marketing: Finding YOUR Visibility Platform with Aubree Malick

We all know that social media acts as a key visibility platform player and a core part of your marketing activity – at the very least, you need somewhere to point listeners to at the end of your podcast guest slots. But finding authenticity in marketing can feel complex when it comes to social media. Thinking through each platform you can utilize, TikTok may not be top of your list even though it was one of the top three fastest-growing brands of 2020, alongside Zoom and Peacock.

My guest today was one of the many people who experimented with TikTok that year, and she now uses it as her main marketing channel and visibility platform – alongside podcast guesting and hosting her own show.

Aubree Malick is a mom, former teacher, and host of the Freelancer to CEO podcast. Through her podcast and programs, she helps overworked and underpaid moms and (soon-to-be-former) teachers experience the freedom that comes from designing a freelancing business with the skills they already have. After taking her own leap of faith over three years ago and replacing her teaching income within two months, she became passionate about helping other women start and grow their own businesses to 5K+ months from home

As you’ll hear, the key with social media and marketing isn’t to simply do ALL THE THINGS (which would be a terrible idea). Rather, you need to show up where you can truly be yourself, provide value for your audience and find authenticity in marketing.

Authenticity in Marketing: Finding YOUR Visibility Platform with Aubree Malick

Topics covered include:

  • How Aubree was able to transition from teaching into a successful freelance career – and how her podcast helped her to see where her focus should be
  • The channels that Aubree initially used to market her coaching programs, and how she found her home on TikTok and authenticity in marketing
  • Aubree’s first 30 days on TikTok and her first video to go viral!
  • The ways that Aubree uses TikTok in her business
  • The podcast pitches that stand out for Aubree

Are you already using TikTok? If not, are you going to start? Or does the idea of getting to grips with another social media channel fill you with horror? How are you finding your unique authenticity in marketing? 

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Now it’s time for you to get out there and Go Pitch Yourself! Can’t wait to connect again!


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