Ep. 98 | The Anti-“Hey, Girl” Guide to Being a Human on the Internet with Colleen Nichols

May 9, 2023 | 0 comments

When you’re pitching for a podcast guest opportunity, you might not think that you’re in sales mode. But the basic building blocks of pitching are the same, no matter WHO or WHAT you are pitching. In pitches and sales, you have to know your audience, do your preparation, personalize the communication, and be authentic.

My guest today is someone who disrupts the way that Direct Sellers and MLMers (multi-level marketers) show up online. Colleen Nichols is the creator of @noshamesalesgame, one of the most popular Instagram accounts for network marketers. She is also the founder and CEO of Direct Sales Growth Community, the community and training platform for the modern-day network marketer.

Colleen has achieved her success while still being a human online – incorporating her personality into everything she does. And as you’ll hear, it’s the same when you’re pitching for podcast guest appearances – the best way for you to stand out is by being yourself.


The Anti-“Hey, Girl” Guide to Being a Human on the Internet with Colleen Nichols

Topics covered include:

  • Why Colleen’s success in Direct Sales came about because she showed up authentically online
  • The things Colleen saw in the Multi-level Marketing (MLM) industry that led to the launch of the @noshamesalesgame Instagram profile and the Direct Sales Growth Community
  • The vanilla copy-and-paste reach-outs that Colleen has seen in the MLM space, and how this relates to podcast pitches
  • Why being human on the internet doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have a big personality
  • Colleen’s belief that when you release the need to sell, the sales come faster – so pitch yourself as the human first

I hope you loved my conversation with Colleen and can see the similarities between her approach to direct sales and the way we pitch at the Podwize Group. Let me know what you think on LinkedIn @angietrueblood, then follow @noshamesalesgame on IG and let her know that you heard her on Go Pitch Yourself.

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Now it’s time for you to get out there and Go Pitch Yourself! Be well and be visible, my friend!

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