Ep. 114 | A 250K Corporate Contract w/Laura Khalil

Dec 19, 2023 | 0 comments

When talking about podcast guesting, the initial impact is obviously from listeners hearing you. But suppose you really focus on leveraging the relationship that you create with the host. In that case, you’re able to expand that interview’s impact beyond what you might have originally intended. Similarly, my guest today was able to build a relationship with a corporate client, and then expand a $35k project into $250k. And she was able to do this by identifying the correct way to pitch what she could offer – and getting her client so on board that they effectively pitched her services for her!

Laura Khalil has consulted for some of the world’s largest brands, such as GE, Intel, and Twitter. Nowadays, she works with other consultants to help them find, attract, and sign bigger B2B clients. One of her trademark strategies is Land and Expand, a way to grow your consulting business by starting with a smaller contract and then expanding into larger deals. In this conversation, Laura talks about how she used it to gain a corporate contract and then leveraged it to grow her business within that company.

I want you to pay special attention to when Laura talks about identifying and coaching champions at the organizations that you are pitching, and how to support them as they push for your deal to get approved and fast-tracked.

A 250K Corporate Contract w/Laura Khalil

Topics covered include:

  • How Laura got the initial opportunity through a referral from a previous client
  • The importance that Laura placed on building trust and rapport with her contact in order for them to become her champion and advocate for her proposal internally
  • How Laura recognized the opportunity to expand her proposal, and how she was able to progress it successfully
  • Why pricing is rarely the real objection when working with the right target market – focus on solving problems and providing value
  • The reason Laura decided to dedicate her career to helping other consultants Land and Expand their own proposals

Do you have an example of when you have pitched something and then been able to expand your impact? Send me a DM on LinkedIn explaining your own “Land and Expand” experience and I will use it on an upcoming podcast.

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Until next time, be well and get pitched, my friend!

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