Grow your business and expand your network…
one podcast interview at a time.


The Podwize Group normalizes the voices of underrepresented groups as

thought leaders through podcast guesting and podcast hosting.


                • We introduce our clients to new audiences who fall in love with them (and take action).
                • We connect our clients to podcast hosts and other experts who become advocates, collaborators, and referral partners.
                • We help develop their own thought leadership and increase their influence.

Why Podcasts?

Podcasts are a highly approachable (and uber-hip) form of digital media, allowing you to grow your visibility AND connect with potential clients.

Want numbers? According to Edison Research, podcast listenership is growing year-on-year with roughly 80 million weekly listeners in 2021 AND a marked growth in listener diversity…

So, yeah, there’s a bit of an audience there, my friend.

Couple that with the strategic and logistic benefits and…we’d say it’s a (pod)WIZE choice of platforms.

No Funky Algorithms

Grow Your Network


Record at Home

Client Features

How We Support Our Clients

Whether we’re consulting with you and your team or doing the legwork ourselves, we’ve got your back.

Concierge Done-for-You

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The PITCHED Podcast

Pitched shares the unfiltered stories of our guests as they take center stage and pitch their boldest ideas. Whether they sealed the deal or crashed and burned, our guests bear it all, offering valuable insights into the art of persuasion and resilience in the world of business and everyday life.

Tune in for a raw and unscripted journey through the highs, lows, and lessons learned from people who dare to not only dream big but pitch big.

Hear From Our Clients

Tasha Booth

Angie and her team were phenomenal to work with! Not only did I get booked on 11 podcasts in our three months working together, but we saw a steady increase in number of followers and email subscribers as podcast episodes went live.

Their continued communication and strategy made me feel so supported and truly visible online. Before working with her, I had zero time to pitch but knew I was missing out on an effective (and fun!) lead generation tool. I would recommend working with Angie to anyone wanting to get more visible online!

Tasha Booth


Not only gave me all the nuts and bolts strategy of how to pitch, but also gave me the confidence and held me accountable.

As I’ve expanded my visibility even beyond podcasts, I now have a solid stream of prospective clients and my revenue has doubled in the last year.

Melissa Corkum


Sara Dean

I have LOVED working with Angie and her team! They provide so much value both in their processes and the outcomes they deliver.

With her team’s help, I was able to guest on a number of fantastic podcasts that were a really great fit for me. Angie and her team did all the legwork and I just had to show up and chat – my favorite!

I’ve even become friends with some of these podcast hosts and I’ve gotten clients out of the interviews we’ve done. So many wins all around!

Sara Dean


Who is The Podwize Group

Who is The Podwize Group?

We’re here to help you make the most of your time behind the mic.

The Podwize Group was officially founded in 2021 as an evolution of the work our founder, Angie Trueblood, began in 2017. Started as a freelance business to connect women business owners with podcast hosts in complementary spaces, Angie quickly established herself as someone who expertly balances the needs of podcast guests, hosts and listeners.

Podcast Pitches that Convert

Stop wondering what to include in your pitches that can increase their chances of getting accepted.

Pitches that Convert